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Love Never Ends;

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A Non-Profit Organization has been formed for the purpose of Park coordination and fund raising;


Tara Drummond Memorial Park, Inc.

P.O. Box 299

Dallas, GA 30132




The Board of Directors

Lani Skipper    (President)




Mary Anne Glenn    (Vice-President) (Public Relations)




Tina Drummond    (Treasurer)




Additional Support, Acknowledgement, and Gratitude

The many people who have supported and prayed for Tara's family

All of the Honor Guard and their respective Law Enforcement Agencies

Hundreds of appreciated Personal Contributors

Stephanie Infalt

Lindsey Aiken

Laurel Gamel

The West Ridge Church Staff & Family  - http://www.westridgechurch.org/

The VTRC Family  -  http://www.vtrc-law.com/

The Kennesaw Police Department  -  http://www.kennesaw-ga.gov/index.asp?NID=31

The City of Kennesaw Officials & The Information Technology Group

The Georgia Chapter of C.O.P.S.  -  http://www.georgiacops.com/index.htm

The Paulding County Commissioners  -  http://www.paulding.gov/

The Paulding County Parks and Recreation  -  http://www.paulding.gov/living/parksrecreations.asp

The PATH Foundation  -  http://www.pathfoundation.org/

Positively Balanced Escrow Services  -  http://www.positivelybalanced.com/

Christian Point Web Services  -  http://www.christianpoint.org/

Graphic Solutions Group   -  http://www.gsghome.com/Creative.aspx

Everlasting Portraits (Artist, Donna Garrison Leonard) - http://www.everlastingportraits.com/

E-mail Donna at - donnaleonard@bellsouth.net