Love Never Ends;

    It Just Changes Shape


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There have been so many questions about Daisy, we've added a page just for her and to keep everyone up-to-date with her progress.


Daisy has shown obvious signs that she knows something has changed and we believe that Daisy misses Tara. It's not possible for us to know for sure, but she has had periods of unusual restlesness, sitting on the deck outside watching the driveway, and going in and out of Tara's bedroom as if to be looking for her.

The first week of December, Tara's sister Brittney, took Daisy to PetSmart in Hiram. They roamed the aisles and Daisy picked out a hot pink purse and a bright green chew toy. It's obvious where she got her tastes. She sat-up and begged at the register to get a number of treats from the cashier and then carried her new purse to the car.