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The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

The annual pistol match held at the West Palm Beach Annual Training Conference was in honor of Tara Drummond, the Georgia Police Cadet who was killed during academy firearms training in 2005.




JUNE 17,2006



Pistol Match Results from the 2006 ATC in West Palm Beach

Proceeds from the match, $1,200.00 will be sent to the Tara Drummond memorial park project  www.taradrummond.com/TheMemorialPark.htm


The match was shot on a Rogers Target System and was scored by the highest number of steel plates knocked down out of 35 possible in one minute. Exposure time on the targets was ½ second.


A – 50 years old and older

B – 39 to 49

A 38 and under


A class winners:

#1 Ty Thompson Washington County Oregon 25 hits

#2 Dennis Carroll Schaumburg PD Illinois 23 hits

#3 Edward Masters Alaska Department of Public Safety 20 hits


B class winners

#1 John Krupa Chicago PD 27 hits

#2 Brian Diggs Department of Defense 22 hits

#3 James Washington Northwestern University PD 22 hits


C class winners:

#1 and High Overall Daniel Lambard Chicago PD 29 hits

#2 John Beehner Monroeville PD Pennsylvania 22 hits

#3 Kevin Williams Orlando PD 21 hits

The memorial to your daughter was beautiful. There was not a dry eye in the house which was filled with veteran cops and military people. Bob Bossey mailed a check to the Tara Memorial Park for $1,200.00.

The photo above is (left to right)

          Major Bob Bossey (Retired New Hampshire State Police) and IALEFI Executive Director

          Steve Johnson – North Carolina Justice Academy and IALEFI president

          Mike Williams – Captain, Chattanooga Tennessee Police Department and IALEFI Board of Directors

Pictures from the2006 IALEFI Annual Training Conference.

If any IALEFI Members have any pictures, please e-mail them to the webmaster for posting on this page & thank you.