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Tara Drummond Park Golf Benefit - May 24, 2006


START THE PARK! As a fundraiser, this was an extremely successful event. There were enough funds raised to allow the Park Organization to initiate the "go-ahead" to START THE PARK! Thank you everyone!

Beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures were the call of the day over Bentwater GolfClub on May 24, 2006. Sponsors, volunteers, and golfers came together for a tremendous fundraising event to support building the Park. Participation included 96 golfers, over 20 volunteers, and 58 sponsors.

Everyone had a great time. The atmosphere was completely appropriate and in line with the cause. There was smiling and laughing and totally enjoying the day. The course at Bentwater was in great shape and the play on the couse was amazing. Congratulations to the winners.

1st Place                                                              2nd Place


3rd Place


Out on the course.









The volunteers are very special folks. They came early and stayed late. They didn't want anything in return except to make things ready for building Tara's Park. A number of the golfers were also volunteers when they weren't on the course. Just know that you have our hearts and appreciation. I'm sorry that I missed getting pictures of many of you. THIS EVENT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT EVERYONE OF YOU!



The sponsors were absolutely amazing. Over half of them actually played and spent the day with us through the entire event. Please choose these businesses on every chance possible. They deserve our support because of their selflessness. These sponsors gave abundantly and supported whole-heatedly. Thank You!

Hole Sponsors.









Donation Sponsors.