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Her life's goal was Criminal Investigations & Law Enforcement;


While still in High School, Tara attended a Job-Fair and determined that her future involved the legal profession and law enforcement. During her Senior year at East Paulding High School, she was accepted to the Co-Op Work Studies Program where she work part-time for Vinson, Tally, Richardson, & Cable Law Offices. After graduation, the offer to become full-time was extended and accepted. This opportunity was the "launching-pad" that allowed Tara to reach for her dreams. It was during this time that Tara focused on her original decision and believed that it was clear that she was to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. The ultimate goal was Criminal Investigations with the FBI.

After some research and exploration with friends and acquaintances, she understood clearly that if she served in local law enforcement for a number of years, her dream of Criminal Investigations might be reality. The Kennesaw Police Department offered to Tara, a path for her to reach for her dream, the opportunity to serve in local law enforcement in the great City of Kennesaw.


Tara passed the physical and mental evaluations, passed the interviews, and began to work in the KPD Station in mid-2005. A few weeks passed and the anticipation of beginning the Academy had built an excitement in Tara that confirmed her path and decision to enter law enforcement.

As the Academy began, she shared stories of the classes, the tests, the instructors, her mentors, and the dreaded EVOK driving skills training. Each and everyday drew her to deeper committment and closer to graduation. It was said later by many who knew her, that "she had found her nitch", "she had the perfect personality for law enforcement", "Tara will make an excellent Officer, and "she's become so purpose driven and responsible".

Tragically, her dream and story were not to be completed. Officer Tara Marie Drummond lost her life on September 13, 2005 in a weapon discharge incident during a firearms training exercise at the Academy.


Tara respected and loved her fellow Officers at the Kennesaw Police Department and her Academy Class-219. They will continue to carry-out their duty at the highest level, as would have Tara. Each time one of them performs their duty, receives promotion or honors, in a very special way, she will be there also, giving honor and respect to those with whom she served.

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