Love Never Ends;

    It Just Changes Shape


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A Remembrance of Tara from a friend;



Tara loved life and lived it to it’s fullest. She was a such a “free-spirit” that her body could not contain her. Tara reminds me of a Butterfly

First, a Butterfly is one of God’s most beautiful creatures, as is Tara;

Second, a Butterfly is marvelously graceful, as is Tara;

Next, a Butterfly does it’s job while never really bothering anyone, as does Tara;

A Butterfly seemingly has no predetermined course or destination, they are just going from place to place sharing their beauty while doing their job,as does Tara;

A Butterfly always just seems to be enjoying life while we watch anxiously, as does Tara;

Finally, as Fall and Winter approach, a Butterfly never seems to live long enough and they vanish, as did Tara;

But, we will always remember the Butterfly in all of it’s beauty and splendor, as we will Tara;

Each time you see the Butterfly in all of it’s beauty, remember the beauty of Tara.

                               Glenn Richardson                                          

Georgia Speaker of the House of Representatives