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Two New Special Friends we met in DC


After the National Memorial Wreath was taken to Judiciary Square, some of the family was spending some quiet time at The Wall. A couple of Officers from California were visiting the name sites of the 2005 inductee officers and we met when we overheard their conversation about Tara. We talked and they were kind enough to allow us to tell them her story. The next day, in a completely different section of Washington DC, we "bumped" into them again with a number of other officers from their Agency. There was an obvious connection and immediate friendship even across the span of the entire nation. A week later, we received an e-mail from one of the Officers. They have incorporated Tara's story into some of their training courses at their academy. It has had a significant impact on our family because it highlights positive action that is needed following a tragic incident. We will always remember these two Officers and look forward to seeing them again some day.

Officer Aaron Ross (left)                                        Corporal John Garcia (right)